Welcome to NZ Fishing Charters Directory, a listing of every fishing, diving, cruising or sailing charter vessel in New Zealand.

Note: At present, various level restrictions apply in New Zealand. Please follow the government advice for each region.

Wherever and whenever you want to go, whichever fish you want to catch or dive for, or just spend a day on the water, we have the full choice for you right here.

Our Mission is to provide some of the most spectacular fishing opportunities you can discover here in New Zealand. It has the variety, climate, beautiful coastline, and the technical expertise to get you out there. Charter operators in New Zealand mostly specialise by style and location, supplying excellent equipment, comfortable boats and special memories.

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New Zealand is famous for the quality and variety of Game Fishing.

Charter choices are many and varied to suit style and budget.

Spectacular diving options abound all around the country.

Cruising has always been a big part of the kiwi lifestyle.

Lake fishing or cruising is always popular in any season.


Sailing on sea or lakes is engaging and fun in any season.

The lure of Gamefishing.

Chasing Marlin is one of the ultimate fishing ‘must dos’. Very much an experience of a lifetime, these magestic freight trains of the sea offer a challenge that is an adrenalin fueled one-on-one not for the faint hearted. We heartily endorse catch and release.

There are many species in the New Zealand fishing zone including Striped and Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Swordfish and Short Bill spearfish. Other species such as big Yellow Fin tuna, skijack tuna, Albacore and Blue Fin tuna are also to be had.

Tropical Mahimahi [Dolphin fish] can be found mostly from East Cape north, and Kingfish are found almost everywhere.

For the really adventurous, fishing the King Bank 30-70 miles north of New Zealand is spectacular. Many charters out of Whangaroa and Houhora fish this area by arrangement.

NZ’s Famous Coastal Fishing.

Snapper are one of New Zealand’s taonga [Precious treasure]. Found abundantly on most coasts in New Zealand but more prevalent in northern waters, they are a superb eating table fish. Many charters are well setup to target these fighting red devils.

Other species found in our coastal environments include Gurnard, Trevally, Kahawai, Kingfish, John Dory and Blue Cod which is more prevalent in the South Island waters.

Charters often accommodate the customers requests and can target various species to get a good spread of Ika [fish]. Many areas are hot spots of certain species  – North Islands’ Whakatane for instance has a good stocks of Hapuku, Blue Nose, Hake [all deep sea fish] and sometimes impressive Giant Trevally that’s a real workout on lighter gear.

Whatever the location, book a trip and get stuck in… and after the fishing sample the outstanding Kaimoanga [seafood] as fresh as it can get.