The Coromandel

The Coromandel is almost like two areas, from the temperate west side, with fantastic inshore species and  fishing around the mussel farms and a wonderful atmosphere of old New Zealand, you can explore a spectacular coastline and boulder strewn beaches. The harbour at Te Kouma is a starting area for some of the best kingfish in New Zealand.

The eastern Coromandel, more subtropical in climate with beautiful white sandy beaches and rocky headlands, is the perfect place to head from Whitianga or Tairua to the famous Bay of Plenty waters for marlin in season, plus large yellow fin tuna and other game fish. Fantastic diving opportunities for snorkelling and aqualung on fish, scallops and inshore species. The many offshore Islands like Great Mercury, The Alderman Islands and Mayor Island offer staggering options for many different species.


Up the eastern seaboard of the Coromandel Peninsular is Whitianga Harbour. Another well sheltered harbour and the start point for a number of charters for diving (scallops and Kingfish) plus coast species and the game fish. A beautiful summer holiday destination with lots to do and choices for local cuisine.


A fast flowing tidal harbour with a sometimes hazardous bar crossing. Across the water from Pauanui and offshore are Slipper Island (private) Shoe island (a reserve) and the well known Alderman Islands. For spectacular snapper and kingfish this is well worth the trip. Local knowledge will make this trip worth much more.

Te Kouma

On the inside of the Coromandel [West shore] is the often overlooked. Te Kouma Harbour, sheltered with a scattering of mussel farms. At the peripheral of these mussel farms, some spectacular fish are caught, feeding off the small fish which accumulate there.

Coromandel Town

On the western side of the Coromandel peninsular, lies Coromandel town. Well known for the local fishing hot spots, Coromandel is a great jumping off spot to capitalise on the close proximity of the mussel farms and inner islands with lots of opportunity for Kingfish and other species, plus diving.


Whangamata sits on the coast geographically in the centre of the well-known Alderman Islands, Mayor Island and Slipper Island. Slipper Island lies around 10nm north of Whangamata with Mayor and the Alderman Islands approximately 17nm east and north respectively.

Fishing out of Whangamata is extremely good all year round with most species available to be caught. One day you could be chasing inshore fish like snapper, terakihi, kahawai, John dory, trevally or gurnard, and then the next you’re out chasing monster kingfish, hapuka, blue nose, swordfish, marlin, yellow fin tuna and mahimahi. And let’s not forget the diving. We have some absolutely stunning rock lines, reef dives, the world-renowned Alderman Islands and Mayor Island Marine reserve on our doorstep. Whangamata locals are spoilt for choice.

Destination The Coromandel

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