Taupo is the largest and deepest lake in New Zealand. Also spiritually significant to Maori as the headwaters for the huge Waikato River. Formed from the huge volcanic eruption around 1800 years ago, said to be the most violent eruption in the last 5000 years. Crystal clean cold waters run off the skiifields to the south. Large rainbow trout with some brown on occasion. Great opportunities for family trips to visit the many hot springs around the lakeshore, and include fishing, cruising and swimming.

Lake Taupo view from Southern end Tokaanu

Also surrounded by mighty rivers with jetboat tours, geothermal hotpools, bungy jumping, world class white water rafting all for the adrenalin junkies!

For the more relaxed, fabulous golf courses and some of the best luxury lodges in the world. Take your time and see all the region has to offer.

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