The region is not only famous for its Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay wines but coastal Kaikoura is also famous for its crayfish and whale watching. As the name translates in Maori ‘to eat crayfish’, Kaikoura is an area abundant with this species and also paua shellfish. There’s a number of charter options out of Picton in the North to Kaikoura further down the coast and it is a humbling experience being in the presence of such a knowledgeable and hard core group of professional fishermen, they really know their stuff.

Kaikoura Coast

Picton is the focal point for the adjacent Queen Charlotte Sound. The Marlborough Sounds is also well suited to smaller craft such as kayaks and dinghies due the calm waters and sheltered bays, a perfect way to escape from reality for a few hours. Lots of charter options for coastal fishing, diving and just cruising the beautiful sounds.

Kaikoura Harbour

Not a harbour at all but a peninsular, where the continental shelf is close to the coast and hence whale watching is common and popular. An area of interesting underwater topography giving rise to a wide range of species in abundance. Some good charter boats work from this area.

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