A little bit about us.

Hello, I’m Phil, and I’m the guy behind this New Zealand Fishing Charters Directory.

As a passionate fisherman of all styles, I wanted to do something to encourage support for the league of other passionate fishermen and women who risk everything to run their charter operations. Large or small, they care about fishing, and want to share this with you.

My Experience.

I am fortunate that I grew up with boats, all shapes and sizes, starting out on Lake Rotoiti with small runabouts (remember the Fireball?) and progressing to bigger boats with Dad on the Coromandel, but always fishing.
Later when I started buying my own boats, it was a McLay, then an AMF and then for the far reaching game fishing, a Mustang 43.

I’ve done charter fishing in lots of far-flung places, like Mexico, Vanuatu, Hawaii, Thailand, Fiji and the Cooks. Big fish, small fish, diving and cruising. The passion never goes away. But here we are range bound in New Zealand, and I want to assure you we really do have some of the best fishing in the world, hands down.


What to fish for and what with.

Many charter operations provide all the necessary equipment for little or no cost. However, having fished for many years, the constant evolution in equipment to lighter and thinner rods, smaller reels but with stronger drags, have made the sport way more fun. The use of new style circle hooks also ensure fish are caught in the corner of the mouth, allowing for quick measurement and throwback with the least amount of stress on the fish.

Coastal fishing is year round so just communicate with the charter, watch the fishing reports and figure out the species you can catch.


What kind of charter suits you?

To use this directory, think first about what you’d like to catch, then consider where in the country you want to do it? You may need to consider seasons, i.e. the marlin season is mainly early January to late May. But don’t let that stop you, coastal fish species like kingfish can offer the best fighting experiences you’ll ever have.

Highlight the area most interesting to you and scan the charters available. There are all styles, capacities and budgets.

Like most in the tourism sector, many charters  had to shut down during the Covid 19 lockdown period, causing untold hardship on those passionate skippers.

However now we have emerged stronger and more determined than ever. Summer is nearly over but that shouldn’t put you off. Two marlin caught off Whangaruru the other day in 100m of water, weighed at Tutukaka.The kingfish are biting everywhere and snapper found from inshore to past the 40m mark.

We encourage to you to take advantage of the charter experience, get the team together and wait for a break in the weather

Our local charter industry deserves our patronage. They do this for the passion too. It’s not about the money. Be it trout fishing on lakes Tekapo or Rotoiti, or a group fishing out on the Auckland Harbour, or diving at the Poor Knights up north, this is how memorable experiences are created.

Gather your friends and family and make some plans. These guys know how and where to catch. They are specialists at this. Take advantage, take the kids with you, and bring home some kaimoana for the table. Please, consider a charter for your next adventure.

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