Waikato Region

The Waikato region with Hamilton as it’s biggest city, has two harbours of note, Kawhia and Raglan. Both have tricky bars, so local knowledge is important, and both have charter options available. Kawhia is a large natural inlet with lots of sheltered areas. Big kingfish and kahawhai generally on the menu. Due to the size of the region and location in the middle of the North Island, it is a short journey to either coast, with plenty of charter options each way.

Raglan Harbour

Raglan Harbour, also known as Whaingaroa, is more known for the consistent surf breaks and the related community. However the harbour is surprisingly large with many options inside and out. Across a tricky bar but still relatively close you in you have pelagic species like  marlin and tuna during the season. Otherwise prolific kingfish, snapper and terakihi.

Kawhia Harbour

Kawhia Harbour is one of three large natural inlets in the Tasman Sea coast of the Waikato region of New Zealand’s North Island.Over the famous rugged bar, the Aotea reef is the place to hook some really nice kahawai, kingfish and tarakihi… and for the keen diver, Gannet Island is the spot for decent crays, but beware of the strong currents.

The beautiful Kawhia Harbour has much to offer but can be challenging for the novice. Take a charter.

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